Parts FAQ's

Why should I buy a used part?

Good used factory parts are a great way to save money and get an OEM specified piece at the same time.

Can I pull my own parts?

No. We are not a pick and pull yard. We pay a premium price for our vehicles at insurance auctions and we want to protect those parts for all of our customers. We provide all the labor to pull parts when needed.

Who is Town & Country Auto Parts?

Town & CountryAuto Parts is a used auto parts recycler located in Amanda Ohio that has been in business under the same family since the 1950's. We focus on customer service and customer satisfaction. We provide individuals and repair shops with high quality used auto parts at reasonable prices.

What does Interchange mean?

Our database includes a function that teams your request with all possible identical parts. For example, several Chryslers may have the same window motor or other component. Also the recycled parts that you need may span several model years. We take into consideration any decorative or functional changes. The system is very accurate. Please be as detailed as you can when you fill in the search information fields. If you are unsure, call us during business hours at 800-541-3164.

Why I might need to refer to the VIN number?

The VIN or Vehicle Identification Number contains a code that includes critical information on your particular vehicle.We may have to look at this code to ensure that you get the right transmission or engine as well as ECU computer or other part. This number can be found on the title or on a riveted tag on the dash near the defroster vent in front of the driver. Additionally, we may need the date of manufacture. It's typicallyin the upper right side of the tag on the driver door jam.

Which side is the left side/right side?

For our purposes, the Left is the driver side and the Right is the passenger side.

Where do you get your cars for parts?

Most  of our vehicles are purchased from insurance auctions. In each instance, we are looking for late model, low mileage vehicles that were in excellent condition prior to the sustained damage. We will buy cars for scrap from individuals but we do not use these for parts.